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There’s a new opportunity to transform your social media presence so you can attract more of your “ideal clients”.

Future proof your business and get ahead of your competition with this new approach to social media.

These unique social media content strategies will help you shine above the competition and attract ideal clients.

Hi, my name is Dana Mantilia. I’ll help you gain more visibility, quickly establish yourself as an authority and get you more clients.

“Putting the right social media strategies in place will help your company attract more clients and protect their businesses from the growing threat of identity thieves, scammers, and cybercriminals.” – Dana Mantilia, Cyber Security Social Media Expert

This Is What I Do

I’ve designed an end-to-end program for IT and cybersecurity companies to grow using the fifty-thousand hours of accumulated knowledge I gained from starting and owning multi-million-dollar businesses, educating thousands on the risks associated with cybersecurity, and crafting social media marketing campaigns for over twenty-seven years.

The first phase of the program starts with identifying your uniqueness. We also analyze your current clients and gain clarity on who would be your “ideal” client. You will identify what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is. The critical part of this phase will be to clearly define who your target audience is and where you can locate them on LinkedIn to generate leads.

The second phase will fully equip you to create engaging social media content. You will understand how the LinkedIn algorithm can help you reach more prospects. Your LinkedIn Profile will be optimized. The “About” section, top banner, and “Featured” sections will be refreshed to increase your chances of conversion. Your content strategy will be formed around “attention-grabbing” content so you can stop your audience from scrolling past your posts on their LinkedIn feed.

The third phase is where we will kickstart the process to reach ideal prospects on LinkedIn. We will start by creating a LinkedIn outreach strategy around getting your target audience to like, know, and trust you. We will then design engaging content, including a variety of posting styles such as written posts, photos, videos, audiograms, etc.

You will have a 15-minute promotional interview with me to showcase and highlight your team and your talents. It will be a great piece of content to share with prospective clients.

I will also post your content on my YouTube channel, where you can leverage an average of four thousand views to amplify your reach. 

You will also create a professionally produced 30-second commercial for your business. This is perfect to post on social media, your website, or to send in an email. You will learn how to leverage engagement groups to boost your LinkedIn outreach process.

In the last phase, we will shift our focus to growth. It will be the time for you to dominate, amplify and shine above the competition. I will help you create a content calendar and a roadmap to determine when you will be posting content and what your twelve-month launch plan is going to be.

You will learn how to repurpose content created in the previous phase, extract micro-content and repurpose it in different formats like a blog or a photo. We will create a launch pad and start extending your LinkedIn reach. You will get a complete social media kit to help you implement a strategy that will continue to pull new clients into your business once you complete the Bootcamp.

Companies I Have Helped

This Is How I Can Help You Grow Your Presence Across Key Social Media Platforms

Watch My Free Masterclass on Three Steps You Can Implement on LinkedIn
Today to Be Seen as a Go-to Cyber Security Expert Within 30 Days

While cyber security is important, many businesses in the private sector aren’t fully embracing it yet. That’s likely to change in the next three-five years as cyber security becomes a requirement, and these businesses have to put more precautions in place to take it more seriously. This masterclass teaches you how to future-proof your business by building your online presence now, so when prospective clients begin to look for a cybersecurity partner, your organization is at the forefront. Your online presence is already extremely well established.

Watch My Free Masterclass on The Step-by-step Methodology:
Transformation to Be “THE” Go-to Cybersecurity Expert

I designed this masterclass for IT, cybersecurity, and marketing professionals or companies who want to grow their online presence. It builds on my #CyberSocial methodology to provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of how to strategically organize the macro moving parts that will help you be seen as the go-to cybersecurity expert in your area when cybersecurity becomes a necessity over the next five years. You will learn to identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), niche down on who your ideal clients are, manage your reputation on the Google search engine, create content and a content calendar, create a marketing roadmap, maximize the online algorithms, and reach out to new customers to generate as many quality leads as possible. That means you can create a pool of prospects who already know, like, and trust you. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to future-proof your business.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is perfect for larger organizations that want to grow their social media presence significantly but do not have the time or expertise to do so. This option is more of a “done-for-you program” as opposed to a “done-with-you” program the group coaching option offers.

Once you sign up, I will provide a complete list of deliverables for you, including social media posts and images, a LinkedIn and Google Business Profile revamp, a social media content calendar, a thirty-second video commercial, a fifteen-minute promotional interview, and more.

I will work in partnership with the business owner, CEO, or appointed marketing/IT executive to build a dominant social media presence in bite-sized steps each week. Together, we will create a plan for you to be able to manage your social media channels effectively in the future.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is designed to provide you with an intensive learning experience so you stand out on social media and be comfortable with being seen and heard. Ultimately, you will learn to future-proof your business as a team by growing your online presence before cybersecurity is a must-have across all businesses and industries. I will coach your group each week to help you build momentum collectively, so you can share in the excitement and enjoy implementing the plan together.

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